pleats, thank you.


i’m trying to do this new thing lately that apparently is all the rage, and since i like to be in with the in-crowd, i’m givin it a shot. what i like shots?  i call this new experiment “being cool”, and so far i’m learning…it’s hard.

being a fan of the bachelorette, i follow andi dorfman on instagram so closely that if we were in person, it would be the embarrassing equivalent of me following her around at all times telling her that i like everything that she does at which point she would run away. why am i going into this?

sorry peepz.

the thing is, being a person who stalks street style pictures for inspiration on the reg, i’ve noticed that some ‘cool’ factors are actually pretty simple to replicate. and replicate i did.

step 1: find leather jacket. in this case, quality > quantity and i definitely endorse helmut lang and all his leather abilities, as i’m sure you remember.

step 2: DO NOT WEAR JACKET. confusing right? however, leather jackets must be draped over the shoulders, like oversized blazer and wool coats. feels awkward but the good news is that…it is. it’s very awkward. whatever…anything in the name of cool right?

step 3: pair fashionable things with basic things done up in a different way. hence the pleated midi skirt, the sergio rossi runway booties both paired with my favorite grey (spelled with an e) long sleeve tee shirt knotted at the waist.

step 4: ……..hope it looks ok.

did i pass?!?!?!?! yes?! no!? good news is that, as a woman in her mid-twenties, frankly my dear i dont give a damn.

i do like the jacket look though.

see ya round town homies, mad love

xo -ashli



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