this ol’ thing?


WHAT.   WHAT IS HAPPENING. yes, you guyz. yes. my website is new, improved and ready to make out with all the other male websites on the interwebz. GET IT GIRL.


you know how sometimes you get a haircut and when people notice you say “oh yeah, whatever, split ends, it’s no big deal” ..cause it’s not. then there are the haircuts that have a little drastic edge to them and you can’t wait to walk into a room so people do the whole “YOUR . HAIR .” reaction.

i hope that’s how you’re feeling right now about the facial, hair dye, eyelash extensions, mani/pedi and new wardrobe my website just received.  she’s all “I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!” twirling in her new outfit, sunset 45 accessories, and gorgeous blowout while blowing kisses to you all.

i’m so proud of this new site  you guyyys! see how happy i am?! my lovely web developer john put this lovely site together for me and can i just tell you — he’s a genius!! i can’t imagine doing this without him. thank you for everything john!!

keep checkin in here guys, only good things to come.

OH YES. AND. ANNNNNNNNNNND. you like my jewelry? and my scarf? i know i do. register below for your OWN sunset 45 box, and i promise you it’s the best thing ever. i am hooked! it’s like birchbox with items that, oh i dont know, last more than 2 days? incredible service, amazing customer support, and beautiful quality jewelry. in. love. each month has a different theme and this months “southwest” theme could not be cuter…amiright??? more deets about sunset 45 here.


 i love you guys. click around, find all the hidden gems around here and make sure to check in daily/weekly/monthly for exciting adventures along the way. seriously SO many big things planned for the coming months and even BIGGER plans in 2015. i can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me along the way.

but then again, this is only the beginning.

xoxo my loves


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