1 vest; 3 ways

i have a friend in my life who has been around for some years now. looking back at our time together i always think, i never want to lose this person.  i’m emotionally invested. i feel understood. i love the happiness i feel in the presence of this love of mine. if you know me, you know what i’m talking about…at least in the fall.

my gray wool vest with rose gold zipper and leather padded shoulders from zara. what else would i be talking about?

versatile, comfortable and perfect for fall, i urge you all to go out and find your own version of the incredible fall vest so you too can relish in it’s glory.

as a vest

serving it’s primary function, as i head to work in leather skinny pants, a gray long sleeve tee, and my favorite phillip lim bag for fall (i mean, it’s amazing right?)

leather skinnies // pointy toe shoes  // fall shades 

as a coat

paired with a super warm cardigan underneath, this vest-gone-coat serves as the perfect way to go from day to night (oh yes, plus the over the knee socks of course)

warm cardigan // over the knee socks // body chain

as a dress

zip this baby up over your i-sleep-in-you tee shirt for a quick errand or brunch you forgot about at the last minute with your girlfriends. it works for that kind of thing.

boots // prada sunglasses (or these)

the worst part of this is that i bought this vest years ago…womp womp. HOWEVER. i did fine many amazing options for you to add to your wardrobe so you too can triple the options, double your fun and single handedly look as cool as the weather outside.

as well as my supporting actors, please take a close look at these gorgeous babes, all phillip lim because his thangs are both stunning and last forever. i’m obsessed. i mean cmon…those SHOES.

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