things i love (but don’t tell anyone) pt 11

it TRULY baffles and humbles me to read emails and comments about segments of mine that you like–even one lovely reader from sweden who looks forward to my “things i love” portion, so for you love…let’s do this.

ANYHOOOOO. i’ve got some thangz for y’all to love and make fun of and keep to yourself cause some of them are embarrassing. with that, i bring you the next installment of “things i love but don’t tell anyone”, where guilty pleasures will be shared and we will realize that we are not alone…unless you haven’t seen this adorable video, in which case, yes you are alone..

THINGS I LOVE (..but don’t tell anyone):

that JOJO is making a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m embarrassingly excited about this news 

the shopbop sale thats literally so perfect i think i heard an angel sing

big sean and ariana grande. did you guys hear about this? my homegirl naya rivera and big sean broke off the engagement in April and Naya got…wait for it…MARRIED in JULY. WHAT. i know and i wasnt even invited. now ms grandes all lovey dove with big sean and i’m into it.

how about that i’m not flying anytime soon? have you guys seen the footage of the plane that was coming apart?!!? 

1 word: stefon

how about a .. things i love but CANT tell anyone! super secret and exciting things coming to Ashli with an Eye on Monday!!!  you can’t miss it, mark it in your calenders right meow!


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