eye spy: scrub a dub dub

everybody has their thing you don’t eff with. for some that’s their car. for others it may be their alphabetized cd collection that they can’t get rid of even though CDs are so 2000. maybe you, like me, hold your particular “i like things a certain way” tendencies in a different way. for me, it’s my shower items.

rule #461: expensive items always prove their worth…and last. a while.

being a fake totally naturally and non-enhanced blonde, i stumbled upon daddy-o shampoo and told myself i` would use it “every so often”….until i used it once and got an endless amount of compliments. the second and third time reassured my decision that this product needs a promotion in the hair-care department, putting tresemme on the backburner for now. this. shampoo. rocks. and at $30 a bottle, this money well spent is worth it when you’re consistently hearing “i wish my hair looked like that!” pro tip: paired with M moroccan oil, you’ll be unstoppable.

because there’s nothing better than feeling clean and smelling nice, i have to include my favorite shower gel by philosophy. not only do their labels give me a chuckle (or a recipe!) but the scent is so light that i don’t get out of my shower smelling like a strawberry kiwi pie with whipped cream and ocean waves all wrapped up together. thus, why i use a single spritz of john varvatos, my secret weapon. everytime i wear this around my mannnn he says “wow you smell so good” and i think, “thank you john!” i now stockpile the stuff.

by age 25, i believe it’s time to invest in a quality skin care regimen and anyone shopping for the best products knows it’s 100% clinique. a mild face wash, toner and the BEST face lotion i’ve ever used makes cliniques 3-step program the must-have go-to that i know i swear by.

TIIIIME for a shower renovation! with my favorite products, you’ll step out of the shower with clean skin, a fresh face, bright gorgeous hair and smelling wonderful. i dare you not to try it for yourself.

what are your must haves?

let me know in the comments, on facebook, etc. just please leave me alone when i’m in the shower.


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