fashion pronunciations pt 2

you guys, i have to thank you for always texting. chatting, commenting on facebook, etc. to let me know different subjects you want to hear more about. recently, i’ve heard from a few sources that my last “fashion talk” (aka how to pronounce brands, you can find it here) proved to be pretty helpful for you! that’s great!

knowing different designers names can feel like speaking another language and it’s more annoying than anything. why would i want to buy your brand if i can’t even say you’re name!? i can see it now. “omg cute dress, who makes it?!” “uhhhh….look at the tag?” no. let’s get it together ladies.

plus now here’s an excuse to buy that hermes belt the girl on your train always has**.


helpful? missing anything? let me know what other brands have you stumped so i can clear up the confusion. i got your back, yo.


**who am i kidding? $1400 for a belt? get this one instead.

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