who am i?

i recently (read: just now) read an article debating the sense of quality vs quantity when it comes to clothing and bringing up valid points that quality items should be invested in due to their longlasting nature i.e. travel bags, even handbags, maybe sunglasses (unless you’re like me and lose sunglasses easier than bobby pins) and quality shoes like boots or a staple heel. the rest, in the writer’s opinion and mine as well, remains that trendy clothing can and in some ways should be purchased at a relatively affordable price. fringe will be cool for what, 2 years? and then we will see it in another 5? not worth spending a solid 4 grand on fringe items in my opinion. spending $50 at zara and getting 3 cool items with fringe? nooooooooow we’re talking.

said article continues on to say that, when purchasing with the mindset of quantity > quality, you may find you have more space to truly articulate your current feelings through the medium of fashion, purely because your dollar can stretch to fit a multitude of emotions instead of … one handbag.

this got me thinking.

i’m a busy gal, working 10 hour days and, after work, dedicating another few hours to a certain website (want to guess which one?) while also making time for a social life, a relationship and …oh yeah. cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, ignoring answering calls from my parents etcetcetc.

i’ve sadly gotten into a routine of choosing what i wear to work by what i see first in my closet and finding a way to make things work with minimal effort. i don’t articulate a current feeling through the medium of fashion. noticing that i’m doing such a thing makes me want to change, though. so what emotions do i currently feel and how would i portray such an emotion through the clothes i currently own?

behold. the three main feelings of ashli at this moment and the eye i will use going forward to select my clothing. (ALSO, all clothing is under $100! boooooooom)

passionately driven

i love my job. i love my website. i am not in a professional/mental place of “ughh another day at the workplace” but instead very excited about my footprint on the industry.

driven outfit

happy and loved

as buddy the elf says, “IM IN LOVE IM IN LOVE AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT” ….ok or like, i know a pretty cool dude who i kiss sometimes. on the mouth.

in love outfit

thankful to be in nyc

what can i say? im diggin the concrete jungle. i like the inspiration here, i like the drive, i like the hustle, and most importantly…the food fact that i dont have to drive. ok fine and the food.

i love nyc outfit

what would you wear if you were portraying 3 strong emotions? all black? all white? sweatpants? jeans and a button up? no clothes at all? this is not a judgment zone. tell me all your thoughts and thangs and outfit ideas. i love hearing your feedback.

to the moon and back, i love you all. you can tell by my heart printed sweatshirt.



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