draw me like one of your french girls

maybe it started with titanic. maybe it started with coloring books. heck this may trace back all the way to connect-the-dot times, but i’ve always been a fan of illustration. my mom taught me how to draw these interesting fashionable girls when i was younger and they still remain the template of my doodles to this day. focusing on clean lines, color and always huge hairstyles, my illustrations were what got me a front row seat into LA’s FIDM when i was in college. i submitted “30 ways to wear a white tee shirt” from white tee all the way to lounging around the house, just by changing up the accessories and accouterments.

although I didn’t end up attending, seems not much has changed, as i would rather wear a white tee shirt than basically anything 100% of the time.

while interning at Oscar de la Renta, i had the pleasure of making friends with the lovely, and now quite famed, Inslee Haynes who i still very strongly support. not only is she kind as ever, but homegirl works haaaard. she reminded me of my admiration of those who can illustrate well and ever since i’ve become quite  a fan of the art.

the gallery wall in my bedroom, outside of being a work in progress, contains many different illustrators works and i hope to expand the collection. ever need a bday gift for me? just type in “fashion illustration” in etsy, and you automatically have a home run. i am obsessed with that portion of the site, and visit it maybe once a week, if not more. i love these images that people our age create and hope to make into a business. talk about #girlboss.

below are some favorites, i urge you look into the artists and add one or two to your collection. they rarely cost more than $20 and add just that oomph of beauty to your bookshelf, vanity, kitchen, bedroom, iphone, etc. i dare you not to smile each morning looking at these beauts.

illustration 1

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

5 // 6 // 7 // 8

another new favorite, although not sketches, are these gorgeous clean and chic prints with the most adorable words/quotes/etc by ss print shop (by stephanie sterjovski). these 4 are my fave:

illustration 2

all available here

enjoy something as gorgeous as you, they’re hardly an investment when i paid more for my chop’t salad today. why not add some glamour to your life?



–ps. you ready for tomorrow? it’s a HUUUUUUUUGE day !!!!!!!!! get excited!!!!


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